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Call to Story can easily and quickly guide you to your most meaningful stories.  

Honor your legacy with a beautiful hardbound book of your life.

Your life is a story worth sharing!

Watching your parents and grandparent’s health and memories slip away is hard. You are overwhelmed and lost of how to rescue the stories before it is too late.

Families are heartbroken losing their parents and grandparents. Looking at their pictures and reading their stories eases the pain when they are gone.

You can have comfort and peace as you save their memories and heartfelt words forever. Each family member can smile as they look at pictures, and feel close to them as they read their stories in their own keepsake book.

My Introduction

The summer of 2009 I felt a strong urgency to travel back to Colorado to write and publish my parents and grandparents life stories.  I started  to transcribe my  grandparents video interviews from 25 year ago when I was impressed to stop and do my parents first. I found my parents video interview stopped when they got married. There were 50 years of stories missing!


After finished both of my grandparents books and recording my parents interviews, and editing one Friday night I heard my father fall out of bed. He had a stroke, and the thought came to me, “This is why you are here.” He passed away 48 hours later.  All the stories were captured and photos taken.


I am thankful I did not argue or ignore the prompting to “Go to Colorado now!”  Rescuing all my father’s and mother’s stories were the most important single thing I could have done for our family. I feel peace and gratitude for the beautiful tender stories my family can share for generations.


Time is our enemy and memories lost and your family stories will be gone forever. Many people are left with regret as their parents passed before they rescued their stories. 


This is the reason why I became a life story coach is to help people to easily publish their family stories.  After over a decade of interviews I found an easy and quick way to gather the most important stories. My 60 Stories in 90 Days Guide can help you know how to get started now. Through my books, workbooks, challenges, and life story coaching support you will feel confidence and peace that you have gathered this priceless treasure before it is too late. These stories strengthen your family through hard times. Your family will treasure your stories for generations.

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Join our 60 Stories in 90 Days Challenge!

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The Call to Story Journal

With “The Call to Story Journal” you no longer have to search through dozens of journals to find your best stories. By listing a title and noting on the topics on the sidebar, you can find your stories and log them in the back index.


This makes it easy to read your stories chronologically or by topic. It also helps you to record your stories by topic or memories from years ago, or even your parents and grandparent’s stories and can easily find them.


This journal makes it easy to collect short stories and compile them into chapters to create a beautiful life story book. Whether you want to document your own personal history or the stories of your family for future generations, “The Call to Story Journal” is the ultimate tool for anyone looking to create a lasting legacy.


Life Sketch or
Memoir Package

Share the defining moments of your life or a particular time that was important to you. Give a personal gift to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and special events.
$ 1997 or 3 payments of $697
  • Up to 65 pages hardcover book
  • 4 hours of audio interviews
  • Copy of mp3 audio files
  • Audio file transcription
  • Include up to 30 photos
  • Digital eBook
  • 2 printed copies
  • Extra copies available at additional cost
  • Bonus 1- Free 60 Stories Guide eBook
  • Bonus 2- Free 60 Photos in 6 Days eBook

60 Stories

Share the most meaningful
60 stories of your life. This is a
favorite with children and grandchildren.
$ 2,997 or 3 payments of $1077
  • 66-100 pages hardcover book
  • 6 hours of audio interviews
  • Copy of mp3 audio files
  • Audio file transcription
  • Include up to 60 photos
  • Digital eBook
  • 3 printed copies
  • Extra copies available at additional cost
  • Bonus 1- Free 60 Stories Guide eBook
  • Bonus 2- Free 60 Photos in 6 Days eBook

Life Story
Legacy Package

Share wisdom and insight with your family.
Leave a legacy that will strengthen and
inspire your posterity for generations.
$ 4,997 or 3 payments of $1697
  • 101-135 pages hardcover book
  • 10 hours of audio/video interviews
  • Copy of mp3/mp4 audio/video files
  • Audio/Video file transcription
  • Include up to 100 photos
  • Digital eBook
  • 4 printed copies
  • Extra copies available at additional cost
  • Bonus 1- Free 60 Stories Guide eBook
  • Bonus 2- Free 60 Photos in 6 Days eBook


Call to Story saves you time.
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Family stories strengthen your children
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